Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Week 13, Concept Round: Red Edition

First up this week I made the laser pointer red to better stand out:

Next up I solved an issue with the apple baskets. The apple baskets, due to having their collision settings set so that the baskets used the complex collisions as simple collisions, became too complex to handle in engine and thus fell straight through the floor of our scene. Using convex colliers was also not an option because of the shape of the basket. So, I used five box colliders to add a simple collider to the basket portion until we can create custom colliders in Maya:

Finally, I placed a trigger box around a Tinman to test having him wave when the player approaches him. Ideally we will change this to a blendspace in the future to prevent the animation from popping in the future.

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  1. Look into creating your own custom collision geo in Maya. If not you will have to build it piece by piece in UE4.